What Is Fire Pit Glass?

Fire Pit Glass is a Decorative collection of Glass Crystals that are dazzlingly beautiful in your outdoor fire pit.

Of all the improvements you can make to an outdoor gas fire pit, none is more spectacular and mesmerizing than filling it with fire pit glass crystals and it’s so simple to make the conversion! Give your fire pit a sparkling, almost magical appearance with a huge variety of brilliant colored crystals to choose from. Our Fire Pit Glass is manufactured using a special process that ensures there are no sharp edges and that each piece is individual giving our fire pit glass jewel like characteristics that are so unique, other products just don’t compare.

Our Fire Pit Glass is available in a variety of categories, in either single or multiple “premixed”color combinations, or you can buy whichever colors you like and mix them to your liking. We even have glass crystals that feature actual gold in the manufacturing process, making your fire pit resemble diamonds and gold jewels flickering in the fire. Some have a diamond-like appearance and others are simply brilliant due to their spectacular colors. Enjoy a sleek and elegant look with your fire pit on while all other lighting is turned off, the glow and sparkle of the fire pit glass crystals are sure to captivate you and your guests and create tranquility and romance that is full of warmth while entertaining outdoors.

Not only is our collection of fire pit glass a decorative alternative in your fire pit, but it is also very practical. You’ll find that when you use fire pit glass crystals and gas instead of wood, you won’t have any problems with accumulation of soot or ashes, simply no toxic or dirty emission like a wood fire and no risk of burning embers starting a wildfire either. We are a proud member of the United States Green Building Council and are excited that our product can help contribute to a cleaner environment with less pollution.

* Fire pit glass crystals are intended for use with outdoor gas fire pits.
* Our fire pit crystals are clean, free of toxins, safe, low maintenance and absolutely stunning.
* Never degrades, discolors or emits any toxic fumes/environmentally friendly product that requires no maintenance.

Fire Pit Glass Size Difference


Fire Pit Glass Size Difference: Our glass is sold in two different sizes “Nugget (approx 1/2″ in size)” and “Crystal (approx. 1/4″ in size)”. In addition, we have one color, Jumbo Alpine Ice Rock Fireplace Glass (approx 3/4″ to 1″ in size).

Reflective Difference


Reflective vs. Non-Reflective: The difference between our reflective and non-reflective fire pit glass is our reflective fire pit glass has a mirrored edge on one side. This mirrored edge illuminates light as fire dances atop the glass, creating a dazzling effect. In addition, the fire pit glass reflects a beautiful sparkle as sunlight or natural light is cast upon it. Alternatively, our non-reflective fire pit glass has a very tranquil feel to it, pulling light into the glass rather than reflecting light. Both styles are very popular with our customers; the ultimate decision comes down to what effect you are looking for.